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Wonderful product

I’m obsessed with these they sue is my daughter because she loves straws and is always trying to attack mine and my husband’s drinks when we have straws. It keeps your mind off things that helps her teething it is definitely worth every penny run and get these


I never understood why teething toys were always odd shapes. Like how do babies fit these weird looking toys in their mouth. These sticks are perfect!!! Seriously, they are easy to hold, easy to get in the mouth to help soothe, and easy to clean. Great product!

My infant loves these so much!! My babysitter suggested them and I had never even heard of them! I love that they are so light weight they are easy for him to hold, and that there are different textures on each end. The colors are super fun too. It comes with a cleaning brush which is convenient, though I would probably just use the bottle brush I already have. The multipack makes it easy to have one wherever you need it!

Just what my son needed!

My son has been teething for the last couple of months. He puts everything and anything he can in his mouth trying to find something to sooth his aching gums. These chews sticks were an instant favorite! The moment I gave it to him he started to chew on it and hasn't stoped yet. He carries it all around the house.

They are very soft and seem very durable with just the right amount of flexibility. They also came with 3 cleaning brushes. But like any silicone product hair does like to easily stick to them. A quick rinse under water and its as good as new. They do come with a nice carrying bag which should help reduce the hair pickup when traveling. It's a drawstring bag so it does easily loosen while in the diaperbag but if you just tie a bow on the top you should have no problems at all.. The bag is also a decent size and the chew sticks only take up about half of it which leaves plenty of room for other teethers.


My little one loves these teething straws! So great for 6 month & older.

Must purchase this great product!

My 1 year old baby loves his teething sticks.. this product is great and it comes with 6 sticks in different colors. Very flexible and the ends are great for his gums.


I don’t know what this thing is made of but my 6 month old LOVES this thing. It keeps her entertained for a long time. It’s easy for her to hold and she’s always munching on it. If you think this is nothing special and debating on buying it… just stop and BUY IT

My baby love these! Not only great for teething but also for motor skills