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About the Product

There is no expiration date 

They were amazing for our son till he started cutting molars he ended up biting thru one on a bad teething day we took them away then but for the front teeth they are a miracle

Yes! An absolutely great gift for a baby shower! My daughter got some at her shower, now her baby loves them!

No, these are fairly soft as they are made for human babies who just gum them to get teeth thru I’m afraid puppies may chew bits off and choke! They do make similar products to these for dogs that are much thicker and sturdier tho! We have had to take these from our son now that all his front teeth are thru because he bit thru one a few weeks ago 

No. It comes with stick cleaners that u use to wash them inside with

Yes, it is

These are much to big to choke on. My son loves them and he isn’t even teething yet. He just puts everything in his mouths and likes to chew

My grandson who is 18 months old still likes his. Any baby/toddler who is teething can find comfort in chewing on these. Very durable.